Books Written or Illustrated by Louis Wain

Book Price Guide

(for 1st edition books, with dust jacket (where applicable), in VG condition. Books in better condition will usually attract a premium)

A Cat Alphabet and Picture Book for Little FolkBlackie and Sons1914600
All Sorts of Comical Cats, by Clifton BinghamNister19021800
Animal Fancy-Land, by A. W. RiderClarke1915520
Animal HappylandClarke1913430
Animal Picture-LandClarke1914510
Animal PlaytimeClarke1908430
Animals in Funland, by A. W. RiderClarke1911520
Animals Xtra and Louis Wains Annual 1925Louis Wain Fund1925200
Big Dogs, Little Dogs, Cats and KittensRaphael Tuck19031800
Cat Tales, by W.L. AldenDigby Long1905900
Cats at PlayBlackie and Sons1917900
Cats at School, by S. C. WoodhouseRoutledge1911900
Cats Cradle, A picture Book for Little Folk, by May Clariss ByronBlackie1908750
Cats, (Pseudonym Grimalkin)Sands19011800
Charlies AdventuresValentine1922900
Cinderella and Other Fairy TalesGale and Polden1917425
Claws and Paws: Stories and Pictures from Kittenland and Puppyland, by Clifton BinghamNister19041800
Comic Annuals ABCCollins1903600
Comical KittensValentine1922250
Daddy CatBlackie and Sons1915900
Dreams by French Firesides, (Pseudonym Richard Leander)A & C Black1890500
Full of Fun by Clifton BinghamNister1908750
Fun All the WayNister1900250
Fun and Frolic, (collaboration with Clifton Bingham)Nister19021200
Fun for EveryoneNister1902250
Funny Animals and Stories About ThemClarke1904600
Funny Favourites, by Clifton BinghamNister1904900
Happy Hours with Louis WainShaw1913575
Holidays in Animal Land by A. W, RidlerClarke1909550
In Animal Land with Louis WainPartridge19041200
In Story Land with Louis WainRaphael Tuck19121200
Kits and CatsRaphael Tuck1904900
Kittenland, by Clifton BinghamCollins19031800
Little Red Riding Hood and Other TalesGale and Polden1917425
Little Soldiers, by May CrommelinHutchinson1915360
Louis Wain's Animal Show: With Stories in Prose and VerseClarke1905425
Louis Wain's Baby Picture BookClarke1903500
Louis Wain's Cat Painting BookRaphael Tuck1903500
Louis Wain's Cats and DogsRaphael Tuck1902575
Louis Wain's Dog Painting BookRaphael Tuck1903500
Louis Wain's Summer BookHutchinson1903500
Louis Wains Animal BookCollins1928250
Louis Wains AnnualTreherne1901450
Louis Wains Annual 1902Treherne1902450
Louis Wains Annual 1903Hutchinson1903450
Louis Wains Annual 1905King1905300
Louis Wains Annual 1906Shaw1906300
Louis Wains Annual 1907Bemrose1907300
Louis Wains Annual 1908Bemrose1908300
Louis Wains Annual 1909-10Allen1909280
Louis Wains Annual 1910-11Allen1910280
Louis Wains Annual 1911Shaw1911280
Louis Wains Annual 1911-12Shaw1911280
Louis Wains Annual 1912Shaw1912280
Louis Wains Annual 1913Shaw1913280
Louis Wains Annual 1914Shaw1914280
Louis Wains Annual 1915Shaw1915280
Louis Wains Annual 1921Hutchinson1921280
Louis Wains Childrens BookHutchinson1923430
Louis Wains Father ChristmasShaw1912430
Louis Wains Great Big Midget BookDean1934250
Louis Wains Happy Land, by A. W. RiderShaw1912360
Louis Wains Painting BookShaw1912430
Louis Wains Summer Book for 1906King1906430
Madame Tabbys Establishment, by KariMacmillan18861800
Mephistopheles: The Autobiography and Adventures of a Tabby Cat, by C. Y. StevensJarrold1907900
Merry Times in Animal-Land, by A. W. RiderClarke1912520
Merry Times with Louis Wain, by Dorothy BlackRaphael Tuck1916900
Miss Lovemouse's LettersNelson1896500
More Jingles, Jokes and Funny Folks, by Clifton BinghamNister1898600
Old Rabbit, The Voodoo and Other Sorcerers, by M. A. OwenUnwin1893300
Our Farm: The Trouble and Success Thereof, by F. W. PattendenClarke1888500
Pa Cats, Ma Cats and Their Kittens, (Pseudonym Father Tuck)Raphael Tuck19021200
Peter, A Cat O One Tail: His Life and Adventures, by Charles MorleyPall Mall Gazette Extras18921000
Ping-Pong Calendar for 1903, by Clifton BinghamRaphael Tuck1903450
Puppy Dogs TalesNelson1896500
Pussies and Puppies: With Verses and Tales by Various WritersPartridge1899500
Pussy LandGeographia1920550
Souvenir of Louis Wains WorkLouis Wain Fund1925200
Such Fun with Louis Wain, by Norman GaleRaphael Tuck1910550
The Adventures of Friskers and His Friends, by Marian HurrellCulley1907900
The Cat Scouts: A Picture Book for Little Folk, by Jessie PopeBlackie19121200
The Children's Tableau: The Three Little KittensNister1896500
The Dandy Lion, (collaboration with Clifton Bingham)Nister1900750
The Happy Animal, by Edric VredenburgRaphael Tuck19101200
The Kings and the Cats: Munster Fairy Tales for Young and Old, by John HannonBurns and Oates1908750
The Kittens HouseValentine1922900
The Living Animals of the World, by C. J. Cornish???1901300
The Louis Wain Kitten BookTreherne19031800
The Louis Wain Nursery BookClarke1902365
The Merry Animal Picture Book, by A.W. RidlerClarke1910500
The Monkey That Would Not Kill, by Henry DrummondHodder and Stoughton1898150
The Pussy Rocker: Polly Puss, by Cecily M. RutleyValentine1921375
The Story of Tabbykin Town in School and at Play, (Pseudonym Kittycat)Faulkner19201200
The Tale of Naughty Kitty Cat, by Cecily M. RutleyValentine1920360
The Tale of Peter Pusskin, by Cecily M. RutleyValentine1920360
The Tale of Tabby Twins, by Cecily M. RutleyValentine1920360
The Tales of Little Priscilla Purr, by Cecily M. RutleyValentine1920750
The Teddy Rocker: Naughty Teddy Bear, by Cecily M. RutleyValentine1921375
Tinker, Tailor, by Eric VredenburgRaphael Tuck19141200
To Nursery Land with Louis Wain, edited by Edric VredenburgRaphael Tuck1910450
Two Cats at Large: A Book of Surprises, by S. C. WoodhouseRoutledge1910900
With Louis Wain to Fairyland, by Nora ChessonRaphael Tuck19041800