Louis Wain Postcards

Postcard Price Guide

(for postcards in excellent condition. Note: Where postcards have been postally used, the stamp on the back and the postmark can, in some cases, enhance the value.)

BeaglesAll types60.00
Davidson BrothersAll types60.00
Dutton (N.Y.)All types60.00
Raphael Tuck & SonsBlack & White Theatre Series35.00
WrenchBlack Cat Series70.00
ValentineCharlie Chaplin Cards70.00
Raphael Tuck & SonsChromo Lithograph Christmas170.00
Raphael Tuck & SonsChromo Lithograph Nursery Rhymes170.00
Raphael Tuck & SonsChromo Lithograph Pantomime170.00
ValentineColoured Series70.00
Raphael Tuck & SonsDiabolo Series (9563)70.00
Raphael Tuck & SonsDressing Dolls Fairy Tales170.00
BootsFamous Picture Series60.00
Ettlinger & Co.Father Christmas (Series 5226 and 5376)85.00
Not knownFirst World War Cards125.00
HartmannFluffikins Family (3068)60.00
Not knownJackson's Hats and Boots125.00
HatmannManx Cats (3069)60.00
WrenchPantomime Series70.00
Gale and PoldenSelected designs70.00
Raphael Tuck & SonsSeries 13035.00
C. W. FaulknerSeries 182/3/9, 190, 374, 453/4, 484/5, 503, 515, 541, 159660.00
W. E. MackThe Cat's Academy60.00
Raphael Tuck & SonsVarious Chromo Lithograph Series60.00
Raphael Tuck & SonsVarious other Tuck series60.00
E. NisterVarious Series60.00
Theo StroeferVarious unsigned cards40.00
Raphael Tuck & SonsVarious Write-Away Series60.00